Find the cheapest gas bottle refills and swaps in Australia


Get clicking & start saving – we show you where to get cheap barbeque gas all round Oz!

You love the great Australian outdoors, don’t you?

There are so many choices, aren’t there. A big lap of Australia in your motorhome or caravan. Or just a family BBQ in the backyard. With so many fun experiences in between!!!

No matter which way you choose to enjoy yourself, you are probably going to need a portable gas bottle or two.

So what our website sets out to do is help you find the cheapest refills and swaps.  Also to help you avoid the priciest ones too.

Click here to learn the best ways to do this.

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23/11/21 Michael Dawson wrote:

Fantastic website. Got it cheap again. Camping and Outdoors at $22 for 9kg refill. Thank you.