What do the coloured flags mean on our website?

What do these coloured flags mean?

One of the questions users of our website sometimes ask is “What do the coloured flags mean on our website maps?’

We used to have an explanation in one of our blogs but it somehow mysteriously disappeared. so here it is again:

A DARK GREEN FLAG indicates gas retailers that have refill facilities.
A RED FLAG indicates gas retailers that have swap facilities only – like Bunnings for example.
A YELLOW FLAG indicates gas retailers that have both refill and swap facilities.
A rare BLACK FLAG indicates a popular gas outlet that has closed down temporarily or permanently. This is usually due to fire, flood, or some other serious event.

In the case of some DARK GREEN FLAGS, the retailer may also have swap facilities but we don’t use the yellow flag for them because they charge very high prices for their swaps.

Always check the date on the listing

You will usually find two lines of text in each listing. For example:

*Details were correct on:

04/04/23 Barbara Campbell

With over 3,500 gas retailers in our database, it is vital you check the date on any listing. If the date is more than a few months old you should always ring the retailer first before traveling any longish distance.
Because of space limitations, we are not able to show prices for all bottle sizes in circulation.

If yours is a 3kg bottle, for example, we suggest you divide the listed price for a 9kg bottle by three.

This will give a (ROUGH only) guide to the price of a 3kg refill.
Bear in mind that small bottles take as long or even longer to refill than large bottles so stores have to charge more than one-third of the 9kg price. It is one of the penalties one has to pay for store staff-provided services.
Above all, please always ring first and check with the provider if they can, or will, fill your size bottle.

Finally – and MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL – always ask the current price of any refill you need BEFORE the staff member commences the refill. We are constantly receiving angry emails from gas resellers because staff members have been abused by customers who quote an out-of-date price shown on our website. With more than 3,000 listings across the whole of Australia, it is impossible for us to ensure every listing is updated daily.

So if you ALWAYS ask the price of the refill first, you can then decide if you are prepared to pay that price or go somewhere else. 

10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated