An outdoor BBQ cook is happy because he has a SmartSense gas monitor to warn if he is low on gas

Never again run out of gas unexpectedly

With a SmartSense propane gas sensor, you’ll never again run out of gas unexpectedly. Why? Because, a SmartSense gas sensor takes all the guesswork out of the equation, and does it easily, quickly.

For instance, if you’re an RV owner, you don’t want to be caught short on The Birdsville Track, do you? But, easy-peasy – just click on the app, and hey presto – see how much is in your bottles.

And, speaking of RVs, what is the biggest pain when checking a bottle in an enclosed gas locker? NWA Wrestling has nothing on that maneuver!

Can you believe it – you don’t even have to OPEN the gas locker!  In fact, as long as you can pair with Bluetooth, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the RV cabin. How good is that?

RV owners must have gas for their hot water heaters and fridges; café owners must have gas for their outdoor heaters. But what about you?  Aren’t you the backyard BBQ king? How are you ever going to live it down if you serve-up undercooked ‘snags’ to your footy mates?

Just think – no more trickling water down a bottle – no more weighing bottles – and no more guesswork. When you have a SmartSense, those nightmares are gone.

How does SmartSense work?

SmartSense is a tiny monitor (hardly bigger than a business card), which you attach to the underside of your gas bottle.  And that’s the real clincher – it’s attached by two really powerful magnets. What a super idea! Because the SmartSense is tucked away, out of sight, who, other than you, is going to know it’s there to pinch it?


The tiny monitor – hardly bigger than a business card!

Using the app, SmartSense accurately detects the gas level

Yes, the app very accurately detects the gas level and graphicly displays it, via Bluetooth. What’s more, the app is free and comes in both Android and IOS formats. Thus you can download it onto smartphones and tablets with bigger screens.

The app also includes alarm notifications to inform you when the gas level is detected as below a settable threshold.

The SmartSense app allows the monitoring of multiple gas bottles on one smartphone or tablet. Obviously, a monitor is needed for each location. Take our case:

At Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com, we had one monitor for the active bottle in our Avan motorhome and another for the BBQ at home. Before we had the SmartSense monitors, checking each location used to involve painful back-bending or kneeling. Not anymore. We don’t even go outside now. From the comfort of the house, at a glance, we know whether we have enough gas or not.

SmartSense works with all standard domestic portable gas bottles. It provides options to select from either 3.7 kg or 8.5 kg cylinders. You can even set up the bottle size by entering the bottle height. Users can configure settings for each monitored cylinder. Settings include naming the cylinder (e.g., Home BBQ, RV 1, RV 2), low-level alarm, and content either as a percentage or in centimeters.

RVers should also be aware that SmartSense has been integrated and operates within the 2020 JHub and Odyssey control and monitoring systems in the newest caravans and motorhomes.

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