Download the free & ad-free “What3Words” app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store

To do that, click on the appropriate link:  Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

If you are new to the app, just take your time and follow the step-by-step instructions that appear on your device screen. If you have any problems doing that, simply join this Facebook group and ask for help.

So you can see how you are progressing using the app, we are going to invite you to take a little ‘virtual visit’ to popular Botanical Gardens in Australia – one in each State and Territory.

By entering 3 words in the following format – ///word.word.word (such as the first one, ///steps.part.flame) the app will immediately jump you to a square that permanently has that 3-word name.

In the bottom RH corner of your device’s screen, you’ll see a globe. Clicking back and forth on that globe will toggle a flat map, as you normally see in a street directory – or a terrain map as if you were looking out the window of a plane.

Therefore, ///steps.part.flame will be a spot close to a “sundial in Brisbane”.

Our advice is to test yourself by finding the answer to each of the eight clues 

We suggest you write your answers down as you go. We reckon you’ll get the hang of how “What3Words” works by doing this little exercise. Frankly, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. We hope it will make you keen to discover other ways the app could improve your life. Here are the eight clues:

///steps.part.flameName of a sundial in Brisbane
///audio.rash.pensSome just say ‘water lily pond’ in Sydney
///towers.insect.laterLookout – it’s a long drop in Canberra
///snaps.cloak.helpsReally!!! A volcano in Melbourne!
///full.visions.scatterA slice of the Orient in Hobart
///spends.sing.porchA donkey might rest here in Adelaide
///spray.jams.wantedLooks like the double helix molecule in Perth
///goat.coiling.dreamCalming waters run here in Darwin

How did you go? Do you think you got all eight answers correct? 

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the “What3Words” app we suggest you join

UPDATE 27/04/2022: The new EMERGENCY PLUS app

Our current mission in life is to have every adult and child with a mobile phone load the new EMERGENCY PLUS app onto it.

Every emergency service – Fire, Ambulance, Police, and SES in Australia has proved how “What3Words” dramatically improves response times in an emergency. That’s why it is now part of the Emergency Plus app.

In the example below, which do you believe is easier to say – “welders adjectives beans” or “Latitude -31.56303 Longitude 152.84486“?  Remember, people are usually in a state of shock or suffering trauma when they ring Triple 000 Emergency.

To download the EMERGENCY+ APP, click on either Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and look for this icon:



10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated