This blog post was authored by Gordon Campbell on 15th January 2022

New safety laws affecting transporting BBQ gas bottles

For some time now, professional removalists have not been transporting BBQ gas bottles. Plain, old-fashioned, common sense would surely convince any responsible individual of the wisdom behind this decision.

So, you are moving house and have a BBQ gas bottle or two that needs transporting. What is the safest way for it to be done?

Step 1

The solution is to look at our website and find a Bunnings Store that is convenient to your CURRENT LOCATION and a Bunnings store closest to your NEW LOCATION. All Bunnings stores in Australia are listed HERE.

Step 2

You take your bottle to a Bunnings store in your area.  Explain to a Serice Desk staffer that you are moving and the removalist cannot accept gas bottles. The staffer should know the procedure to be followed, but just in case, print this blog post and show them. It may also save time if you have the phone number of the Bunnings store near your new residence as well.

Step 3

Ask the staffer to ring the Service Desk at the new store. Then, if the phone is passed to you, you can tell the person at the new store all the details they need for you to purchase a swap at their store. A receipt for the transaction will be emailed to you. Be sure to ask the name of the person handling the transaction at the new store. This may avoid any cofusion when you go to collect the replacement bottle.

Step 4

Your move is complete and you are ready to collect your replacement gas bottle. Take the printed receipt to the Service Desk at the new store.

You may find your replacement bottle is fitted with the newly introduced LCC27 connector. If so, it is possible the hose on your gas BBQ, or any other appliance you will be connecting, may need replacing. For more detailed information on the new LCC27 connectors click HERE

Please be sure to tell personnel at both stores that Gordon Campbell, the Admin of the website “Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com”, advised you on the course of action you should take. As suggested earlier, we recommend you print a copy of this message and have it handy to show the store personnel at either store.

10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated