Some people… especially older folk… have a fear of Facebook.

But as grey nomad Facebook users ourselves, we know that fear is quite unjustified and inhibiting.

If you love the outdoor life … and you must if you are visiting this site … then surely you have some adventurous spirit in your being.

And that’s where Facebook comes into its own.

Forget about those Facebook boneheads who want to dribble on with posts like, “I’m going down the shops now for a coffee”.

Who cares?

Facebook is just great for keeping in touch with family and friends and seeing, via photos and videos, what the grandkids are up to.  Of course, you really want to know only what the littlies are doing.  Better you don’t know what the bigger ones are up to … lol … that’s Facebook jargon for Laugh Out Loud!

But what really stirs our juices are all the special interest Facebook group pages that now exist.  Below is a selection we love. Just click on the picture to load a Facebook group that interests you:


Country Pubs Welcoming Oz Nomad Camping. Over 77,000 members

Motorhomes Australia – a FB group for motorhome owners & those thinking of owning one. 17,000+ members

Showgrounds, Sports, Rec Grounds Camping Only

34,000 members use this Facebook group to plan their low-cost travel stop-overs everywhere in Australia


Free Camping Around Australia – Has over 72,000 followers since formed in 2014.

Australian Caravan/Camping Travelling With Dogs

Australian Caravanning/Camping Travelling With Dogs. Over 32,000 members.


Weber BBQ Addicts – If you own any Weber product, or are thinking about one, this is the page for you

Off Road Caravanning in Australia (ORCA)

Off Road Caravanning in Australia (ORCA) – 15,000+ members


Around the Campfire – Almost 30,000 Facebookers love this one, including us!

Australian Bird Photography

Australian Bird Photography – 8,500 members as of 14/09/20. Superb shots. We love it. No trolls allowed



So, have we tempted you to finally give Facebook a try?  Just Click Here to create an account. It’s free you know!

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