Qld Gas Bottle Refills “Bung-Kum”

If You Want a Qld Gas Bottle Refill, You Face the Strictest Laws in Australia 

RECENTLY, a member of our Facebook group had a gripe. She was travelling through Central Qld and needed a 9kg gas bottle refill.  According to her Facebook post, a staff member at one of Australia’s largest camping chain stores refused.  


Was her bottle out of date?

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Believe it or not … he refused because she didn’t have a BUNG!

We are not joking  … because she didn’t have a BUNG!

Here is what she posted on Facebook:

“We were recently in ** *** QLD and took our 9kg to *** to be refilled. They refused as we didn’t have a bung in our bottle. We got our bottle refilled at Blue Zone Gas and asked the lady about the bung, She said it’s something coming in that you must have a bung in your bottle. She nicely gave us one for free”.

Her post evoked an avalanche of incredulous comments, as such posts on Facebook always do.

If the story is true … and we have no reason to doubt our member … two facts are blatantly obvious. Either the staff member was too busy, or, secondly,  just too damned lazy to be bothered doing the refill.

Hopefully, the manager of that store has been made aware of the incident and has taken the appropriate action.  This leisure goods chain enjoys a wonderful reputation for good public relations.  So we’ll take odds if Head Office gets wind of this story, at least one head would roll!

But let’s get back to the nub of  this story … QLD’s TOUGH GAS LAWS

There’s no denying safety must come first when filling, handling, transporting and storing gas bottles.

Haven’t we all heard and read horrendous stories about catastrophic fires and fatalities involving gas bottles?

Most such reports are beat-ups by lazy or ill-informed journalists. Hype is the key to all media ratings these days. So the idiom “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story” is often invoked when it comes to so-called gas bottle ‘explosions’.

Of course, to be refilled, a gas bottle must be ‘in date’ and that’s the subject of another ‘Must Read Fact’

It is also true that, in Qld, when a gas bottle is refilled, it must have a bung before removal from the filling site. However, even that requirement can be waived. If the bottle is being immediately refitted to a gas line on a caravan drawbar or in a motorhome gas locker, a bung IS NOT REQUIRED!

If a bung is required by law, the refiller has an obligation to inform the customer of this before accepting the bottle for refilling in our view. Thus, the advertised price, in our view, should be the refill plus any fee for a bung.

If the customer has a bung, the price charged should be the advertised price less the bung fee.

Anything else is FALSE ADVERTISING in our view!

We know how little these bungs cost the retailer. It is outrageous that some outlets are adding as much as $3.00 for them. If you come across a gas refiller adding more than $1.00 for a bung after they have filled your bottle, please report it to us. After checking, we will post the fact in our database.

The Qld Government is threatening refillers with a fine of up to $37,000, and customers with a fine of up to $3,000, if bungs are not in place when gas bottles leave the refill point.

However smart gas refillers will absorb the few extra cents these plugs cost. They know that while the bottle is being filled, the customer is probably browsing around their in-store stock.

The profit on just one spur-of-the-moment sale could equal the cost of 100 plastic bungs.

Even the sale of a can of coke is a bonus, and the customer leaves feeling good!

So report the BUNG-KUM gas refillers <here> so other potential customers can give them a wide berth.





04/01/2020 – Ash McLaren wrote:

Wow, long time follower but first-time poster, saved almost $20 just from using your website. Thank you