Switch Gas delivery truck loaded with 40kg cylinders for households and businesses

‘SWITCH GAS’ lives up to its name

Around Ipswich (Brisbane’s little sister city) a well-established gas supplier is creating quite a storm. Named ‘SWITCH GAS’, that’s what folks in the state’s southeast have been doing … switching gas suppliers. 

Russ McCarthy, Managing Director of the company has this to say:

“Potential customers focus on price first and we are certainly very competitive in that department”.

“However, as a gas supplier who has now built a large customer base, our focus has always been great service”.

“And customers need experienced gas fitters. That’s our background – success in a variety of gas-related projects, large and small. It best qualifies us to assess a customer’s needs and tailor a gas delivery service to suit”.

“Yes, pricing is most likely the reason someone chooses a supplier, but good reliable service retains that customer”

“And we promise you’ll get that great service from us” Russ emphasised.

‘SWITCH GAS’ partners with Rinnai

‘SWITCH GAS’ services both domestic and commercial properties. And is especially qualified to handle heating and hot water installation and maintenance. To this end, they have a partnership with Rinnai Australia, makers of the world’s most advanced gas heating and hot water systems.

And what is the great thing about gas?   Surely it has to be that it is instantaneous!

You want hot water or you want home heating, with gas you have it at your fingertips.

Special 2024 New Year’s deal for you!

Russ McCarthey is especially keen to help the users of this website.  “Just like mum and dad and many of their friends, they spend a good part of their lives on the road”, says Russ.

So ‘SWITCH GAS’ has a special 9kg deal every Thursday until further notice.  On other days a 9kg REFILL or SWAP is $25 and a 4kg Refill or Swap is $12.

To check those prices again CLICK HERE then enter North Booval, or 4304, in the location box that appears.

10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated