HEMA plus What3Words

Find Australia’s epic off-road spots easily with HEMA MAPS and What3Words

Australia has hundreds of thousands of off-road destinations, rest stops, or beautiful vantage points.
When it comes to describing exactly where to find them, things can start to get really complicated.
Many places don’t have a traditional street address or visible landmark.

In fact, most of the best adventure spots have no address at all!

Use three-word names to plan your adventure

What3Words is a really simple way to find, save or share any location.

Every 3 metre square on earth now has a unique combination of three words – a What3Words address.
Therefore, ///fishery.medical.deflects, seen in the featured image, is an exact 3m x 3m spot in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

A What3Words address has been added to over 100,000 points of interest. Each of Hema Map’s cloud platforms – plus printed guides – have them.

As a result, it’s easier to find Australia’s most rugged and remote locations. This includes your favourite 4×4 track, your favourite campground or holiday park.  They have even included rest stops and dump points. Each location has this What3Word address format – “///word.word.word”.

Do I need wifi, mobile data, or phone reception to use HEMA Maps What3Words addresses?

No. What3Words works offline in the following products:

– HemaX – https://www.hemax.com/
– CamperX – https://camperx.com.au/Content/CamperX
– Hema 4×4 Explorer – https://shop.hemamaps.com/pages/4×4-explorer-app
What3Words is used in HEMA Maps printed guides also.

Thus, you will easily be able to find the What3Words address for any location. Each three words address is fixed and will never change.

HEMA Maps show how to use What3Words app in an emergency or when standed in an isolated part of Australia

It is not only emergency services you can call. If you want to tell your family or friends where you are, in any circumstance, you can. But, they also need to have the free and ad-free app on THEIR phone.

Why can’t I just use coordinates?

You can! Coordinates are super accurate and reliable. However, for some people, What3Words addresses are a more human-friendly way of giving address information.

To clarify, using What3Words HEMA Maps are less confusing.  They are much easier to read, remember or share. Also, they are less likely to mix up than coordinates.

Discover the simplicity of What3Words.  See how it improves the way you arrange meet-ups with friends and rellies. Then join the growing band of Aussie What3Words here:


HEMA plus What3Words

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