Some people… especially older folk… have a fear of Facebook.

Edited, Tuesday 21st September 2021

Believe us – there is NO REASON TO FEAR FACEBOOK.

If you love outdoor life … and you must if you are visiting this site … then surely you have some adventurous spirit in your being.

And that’s where Facebook groups come into their own.

Below is a selection we love. Just click on the picture to load a Facebook group that interests you. Some groups change header images frequently – “Motorhomes Australia” for example. However, our links should still connect you.

There are many more Facebook groups we could list…

Yes, there are many more useful Facebook groups we could list, but some moderators are not smart enough to see that Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com is a free service to caravan and motorhome owners –  and all other camping enthusiasts.

We don’t sell GAS – we don’t sell GAS BOTTLES – the truth is – we don’t sell ANYTHING to earn our living!  So why would the members of their site not be interested in knowing where to buy the cheapest gas?

We don’t understand their thinking. Guess who are the BIGGEST LOSERS!

Country Pubs Welcoming Oz Nomad Camping. Furthermore, they already have over 113,000 members!

Motorhomes Australia – a group for motorhome owners & those thinking of owning one. 27,000+ members

48,000 members use this Facebook group to plan their low-cost travel stop-overs everywhere in Australia


Free Camping Around Australia – Has over 293,000 members since being launched in 2014.
Australian Caravan/Camping Travelling With Dogs
Australian Caravanning/Camping Travelling With Dogs. Over 41,00o members.

Weber BBQ Addicts – 84,000 members. Therefore, if you own any Weber product this is the page for you.


Around the camfire
Around the Campfire – Almost 33,500 Facebookers love this one, including us!

Australian Bird Photography – 8,800 members as of 19/03/21. Superb shots. We love it. No trolls allowed

Header for Insect Identification Australia - Pest or Friend - NO SPIDERS

The group is named “Insect Identification Australia – Pest or Friend – NO SPIDERS!” 18,000+ members

Is the header picture for "The very best of caravaning and camping in Tassie"

“The very best of caravan and camping in Tassie” – in short, THE BEST IN TASMANIA for caravan and camping



Leader and Supreme Caravan Owners Group – for owners or potential owners of this popular caravan brand


So, have we tempted you to finally give Facebook a try?  Just Click Here to create an account. It’s free you know!

10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated