Thank you for your site.  So easy to navigate and it certainly gives me the very best prices for local refills.  I am very happy I found you. 🙂
30/07/17 from Eva-Maria Lietzow-Chinn

Thanks, Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com … I can’t believe I have been paying $36 and thought that price was much the same everywhere. Then, from your website, I find out that just down the road I can get it for under $20! Won’t be making that mistake again. 🙂
09/03/17 from Phillip Cartwright

Thanks for your webpage. What a service you provide to the travelling public!  A great way to save many dollars by looking at your listings … and also knowing where in a town to find a refill outlet
20/02/17 from Nan Ott

I have to say I never buy gas without consulting the website first. A great idea well executed. Thanks guys
28/01/17 from Peter Read

Yes, it works well. Used it recently to find a gas fill. Prices ranged from $20 to $45 in the area we were in, so potentially saved us $20
26/11/16 Facebook post from David Bellette on ‘Off-Road Caravanning In OZ’

Awesome site. Very useful. My neighbour has been paying $30 for a 9kg at the servo down our street.
Used your website and found a place for $20. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to be introduced to your site.
A grey nomad herself.
23/09/16: OzBargain Website post from ‘tshow’

Thanks for the add. On first look, I saw a saving of $15.00. We are getting to the point where every cent counts. Cheers
01/09/16 Facebook post from Peter Irvine

22/07/22 John Orr wrote:

Your site is amazing and easy to use. Thank you for maintaining it!