FORM 1. Do you know a refill and/or swap site WE DON’T CURRENTLY LIST?

Tell us and qualify for a monthly prize.
CONDITIONS: YOUR NAME – Well, that’s up to you. Your real name, your nick-name, your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram name … we don’t mind. HOWEVER, if you wish to be in the draw for our monthly prize (a nice little surprise) we must have your email address so we can contact you should your entry be the first out in our random draw done on the 1st day each month. Only then will you be asked for a mailing address
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FORM 2. Can you see a listing in our website database that NEEDS UPDATING? Wrong price? Wrong address? Wrong phone number? No longer in business?

Unlike some other gas apps, we do not allow any website user to alter information themselves. We see the rubbish that appears elsewhere when users are allowed to make alterations themselves. We ring every gas seller notified to us and speak to the proprietors or staff members before we update.
Tell us and qualify for a monthly prize. CONDITIONS – the same as applies to FORM 1.
CONDITIONS: Same as those applying to FORM 1.
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21/02/2020 – Marion Carroll wrote:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save lots of money.