What 3 words could save your life?

What 3 words, eh? You are alone and need aid urgently. Luckily you have your mobile phone and ring Triple O (Australia). Now, using only three words, could you describe exactly where you are – within a couple of metres?

Read how injured Tasmanian hiker, Cornelia Gratzer, did just that: “Rescuers pinpoint injured walker”

What 3 words did Cornelia Gratzer use?

///murky.founding.spoonfuls were the three words Cornelia gave rescuers. We’ll bet you’re thinking: “Oh come on – how could that possibly work?” Well, you see, Ambulance Tasmania is the first rescue service in Australia to use an incredible app called ‘What3Words’.

How to download the free app:

You can download the free ‘What3Words’ app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and then see for yourself just where Cornelia Gratzer fell.

These two images on What 3 Words of the terrain where the hiker fell.

Default and zoom pics from ‘What3Words’ app. This shows the rugged terrain where the hiker fell. ///murky.founding.spoonfuls

Overseas, there are tens of millions using ‘What3Words’ in 42 languages or dialects. So, to better understand how ‘What3Words’ works, please spend some time reviewing these instructions. If like us, you prefer to read from hard copy, there is a download button beside each page. Or you can print the 13 pages together after using the one download button at the end. The first page looks like this:

First page of What3Words 13-page instruction manual

‘What3Words’ instructions. 13 x A4 pages. Our advice: Download it and print it.

Here is what the creators of ‘What3Words’ say about their app.

Quote: “Now you need only three words to find or share any exact location in the world. Use it to find an apartment entrance, station exit, picnic spot, or parking space. ‘What3Words’ is a really simple way to talk about locations.”

“We have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3-word address that will never change. For example /// filled.count.soap marks the exact entrance to ‘What3Words’ London headquarters. Three-word addresses are easier to say, remember, and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates. For example, 51.520847, -0.19552100 is exactly the same as /// filled.count.soap. Which would you rather be typing?”

Blog Editor Gordon Campbell’s comment:

So exciting is the concept behind “What3Words”, I have now created a Facebook group for Australian users of the app. It’s called “Aussie What 3 Worders” and as soon as you download the app (see how to above) you can join by clicking here.


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Ariel of beach on Flinders Island Tas . Shows northernmost point where 67yo female hiker fell, needing rescue helicopter to winch hre to safety. rescue

21/02/2020 – Marion Carroll wrote:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save lots of money.