Tough – that’s Melbournians. And you are doing it REALLY tough now

Yes, Tough – that’s Melbournians. You have to be – just to handle the weather!
Now, so many of you are out of work. That’s a HUGE worry.
You and the kids may still be confined to the house – that’s a BIG worry.
And you can’t even count on going to the footy!
That is a WHOPPER of a worry!
But, is all this worry really going to solve anything?
What is the most important thing?
Easily answered – that your family STAYS TOUGH – both physically and mentally.
Your confinement, and that of your children, could be lengthy.
In Italy, where COVID-19 caused a lot of concern, valuable lessons were learned about children’s education.

Ten top tips for keeping kids entertained

Naomi Fisher is a clinical psychologist and home education specialist. She offers some tips for keeping children entertained and learning:

Those ten tips – food for thought aren’t they? And while thinking ‘food’, how about a backyard BBQ or two.
Most people are going to need LP gas for their BBQ, but more importantly, most people are going to need to save cash.
Here’s how you do both if you live reasonably close to Melbourne’s Noble Park.
Our friend of many years, John Farah, owns the Halton Road Convenience store.
For as long as we can remember, John has been refilling BBQ gas bottles. And doing it cheaper, more consistently than anyone else in Melbourne.
Today, John will refill your 9kg gas bottle for $18 – that’s right – $18! Do you realise that is $9 cheaper than a Bunnings’ swap? And theirs are only 8.5kg!
Of course, your bottle must be ‘in date’ and in good condition (read our blog about that). Plus you’ll need a safety plug.
When you call in just say to John “Found on GBR“. No, no – not Great Barrier Reef silly 😂🤣 Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com!
By the way – if you don’t live near Noble Park but have friends or family that do, please ring and tell them about this terrific gas price.
Tough - tha's Melbournians - as is the owner of this shop. - Halton Road Milk Bar

21/02/2020 – Marion Carroll wrote:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save lots of money.