Honestly … There Are Some ‘Beautiful’ People Out There

When Barbara and I set up this website, we used a chunk of our retirement savings. It wasn’t in our minds to make a lot of money out of it.

Sure, we hoped we’d eventually have a large enough audience to make the website attractive to advertisers and produce some income that way.

However, being total novices, we didn’t anticipate some of the hurdles we’d have to jump.

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Take this for example: When we launched in May 2016, it was costing us $10 a month for web hosting.

We figured that wasn’t too bad …  equal to about 10 small gas bottle refills a year. Heck, surely we could afford that amount to help others.

But then, on 09/10/16, we had a feature story on a big BIG bargains website. We told how we were saving people lots of money on gas bottle refills.

Well, our website went ballistic! We had so many ‘hits’ (internet lingo for ‘page views’) the site crashed.

Just like happened with the last census debacle.

Seems we didn’t have enough gigabytes of bandwidth. The solution … pay an extra $20.00 a month for more gigs of bandwidth!

Now we are outlaying the cost of 18 BIG bottle refills a year.

Yeah … we are personally outlaying $360 a year so our website members can save money on their gas refills!

When we related this scenario on the bargains website, quite a few said:

“Why don’t you suggest people make a small donation.  If you are saving them up to $15 on each gas buy (and many have said they are), surely they wouldn’t mind donating, say $1.00 to help cover your regular out-of-pocket expenses”

Honestly … we were a bit iffy about the suggestion, but if people feel good doing it … well then, we’d certainly appreciate it.

So, to make your donation, click the ‘Donate with PayPal’  button below.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s easy to set one up. Follow the instructions. It’s a totally safe transaction. 


If you donate via the PayPal form that appears when you click the above button, PayPal will deduct about 4% in fees.

But if you would prefer us to receive 100% of your donation, then follow these instructions:

Finally, a number of people have told us they don’t have a PayPal account and simply don’t want one.

They would prefer to make a direct deposit to our bank account. If you prefer to do this, send an email to compbred@yahoo.com and we will send you those bank details.

Thank you


04/01/2020 – Ash McLaren wrote:

Wow, long time follower but first-time poster, saved almost $20 just from using your website. Thank you