Bunnings Paget Mackay Qld

Gas bottle swaps for $15.00 – that’s almost unheard of

For a limited time, Bunnings at Paget Mackay in Qld is selling 8.5 kg swaps for $15.00. It’s true – but remember – for a limited time.

It’s a long time since swaps anywhere were at that price!

For one week only in May 2020, the price of 8.5 kg swaps dropped from $26.95 to $24.50 at Bunnings other 309 Australian stores. And you can check the current price here. Let us know if any other Bunnings store is less than $26.95 and you you get a surprise reward!

Customer satisfaction

On its Google Maps page, the Bunnings Paget Mackay store has a total of 426 reviews.

Interestingly, only 23 of those 415 reviewers gave the store a miserly One or Two-Star rating – that’s 5.4%. And even more significantly, only 4 of those unhappy reviews came in the last 12 months – 0.98%.

So those were the NEGATIVE stats. How about the POSITIVE side of the ledger? In the past two months (to 3rd June 2020) there were 26 favorable reviews and 16, or 61.5% gave Bunnings Paget Mackay a Five-Star rating.

We enjoyed reading one particular Five-Star review posted a month ago. We have paraphrased it for greater clarity: “In my work, I am required to use Bunnings stores across North Queensland. The Bunnings’ team members here (Paget Mackay) were very helpful when I visited recently.  In the timber yard, I needed a hand lifting my purchases. No hiding out of sight behind shelving, chatting to one another. Here, a team-member was up-front and very willing to help me. Then, at the Trade Desk, a lovely lady was really helpful when I tried out the new power pass app”.


We want it known that Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com has absolutely no financial affiliation with Bunnings. We receive not one red cent in sponsorship or other incentives.

What we like about their business ethic is this – we never have a problem speaking to a person in charge of a department. Say we want clarity with a problem reported to us by a customer – such as out-of-date bottles in a swap cage. We just ring Head Office and in no time we are speaking with the right person who will attend to that problem and get back to us.

Boy – there sure are a few ‘big shows’ in the bottled gas world that could take a page out of the Bunnings songbook.


Bunnings Paget Mackay Qld swaps for $14.80

01/11/20 – David Brown wrote:

Your gas bottle refills site is fantastic, incredibly helpful, and so easy to use.