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Join us “Living Full-Time On The Road”

Have you ever toyed with the idea of tossing your current lifestyle and living full-time on the road?

It is a concept which is becoming more and more appealing to mature-age couples (and singles too) as every year passes.

Read the story of Christian and Colleen, who, in September 20i7, made that huge leap so many others yearn to make.


Christian and Colleen were your typical “empty nesters”, sloshing around in a house far too big for their new situation.

They had built on Russell Island a house which was totally off the grid. No electricity bills. They had lived there since 2006.

When they bought the land, they were told a bridge to the mainland was to be built.

But they were soon to discover Redland City Council and the Queensland Government had other plans!

Despite there being no prospect of a bridge (with the huge cost benefits one brings), the Hougaards were forced to install their own waste treatment plant. Who would have guessed at the hefty yearly maintenance fees this would entail!

Then there were the unsealed roads, with all the associated dust problems.  Think about it … how do you cope with local hoons throwing up clouds of dust when doing wheelies in that stuff? And who do you ask for protection if you complain to authorities?

So, when their best friends decided to sell up and try living full-time on the road, they started seriously talking about doing the same.

However, Colleen, like many security-minded women had some misgivings. For her, there was one condition … they had to keep the house so as to have something to come back to. After much discussion, Christian agreed, even though this meant him working 5 more years to clear the mortgage.


Around this time, their daughter’s birthday was coming up and Colleen wanted to go to Cairns to visit her and their little grand-daughter. It meant finding accommodation which, in that North Qld city, can be very expensive.

Christian suggested they hire a motorhome for 3 weeks in lieu of motels, etc. That way they could find out if they would like living in a motorhome.

They hired a C-Class motorhome from Apollo. Still not cheap but the outcome was great. They travelled from Brisbane to Cairns via the M1 and returned the inland route. They absolutely loved it. Loved it!!!

On returning to Russell Island they unpacked and Colleen did the laundry. After hanging the first load, she came into the house in tears.

“What’s wrong?” a concerned Christian asked.

Colleen, who normally bottles things up, let it all go.

“I don’t want to be here anymore” she blurted out.

Christian was completely taken aback.

“This is the first time in all our holidays I have felt like not wanting to be back home”

He let her go on.

“We’re getting older. We can’t keep doing this … all the dust, the mowing, hedge trimming, painting, general maintenance, the never-ending bills … all for what? Just so we can say ‘yes, we own a house’. No, I don’t think so!”

So that three-week trip had made up their minds.

They started looking at pre-loved motorhomes and soon found a low-kilometer 2008 Avan Ovation M3 model.

And they haven’t looked back since.

So, when we all finally get back on the road and you see this rig, approach it and say “Hello Christian and Colleen. I read about you on Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com”


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