Help us to help you …

This website now (17/12/19) lists over 3,500 outlets across Australia that sell bottled gas … either as refills or swaps.

Obviously, 3,500 outlets is a mere ‘drop in the ocean’ when it comes to the total number.

But, is it really necessary to list EVERY one? Let’s face it … in the major cities across this vast land, you can easily find service stations with swap bottle cages clearly on view.  And these “swap shops” almost always charge like a wounded buffalo.

Just imagine the huge staff we’d need if every one had to be contacted and catalogued.

Google Analytics tells us that on occasions one-hundred-thousand bottled LPG users visit this website each month. If only 1% volunteer to submit details of their gas purchases, we know that, together, we can find. report on and list the cheapest.

Will you be a volunteer and help us further develop this big, very useful database?

Remember … we don’t need reports on Bunnings Stores, Coles Express Service Stations or Caltex Woolworths Service Stations.

On the home page, first enter a postcode or town/suburb name. look at the list under the big map. If we don’t have the cheap gas outlet you’ve found, click here


04/01/2020 – Ash McLaren wrote:

Wow, long time follower but first-time poster, saved almost $20 just from using your website. Thank you