Help us to help you …

This website lists over 3,000 outlets across Australia that sell bottled gas … either as refills or swaps.

Now obviously, 3,000 outlets is a mere ‘drop in the ocean’ when it comes to the total number.

But, with a project such as this, one has to start somewhere.

Just imagine the huge staff needed if every Australian outlet had to be contacted and listed!

But is that really necessary anyway?

Thousands of carefree ‘nomads’ of all ages now visit our website daily. If only 10% volunteer to submit details of their gas purchases, we know that, together, we can find. report on and list the cheapest … AND the most expensive places to refill or swap.

Will you be a volunteer and help to build a really big, very useful database?

Remember … we don’t need reports on Bunnings Stores, Coles Express Service Stations or Caltex Woolworths Service Stations.

On the home page, first enter a postcode or town/suburb name. look at the list under the big map. If we don’t have the gas outlet you’ve found, click here


20/10/2018 – Lyn Comptson writes

“Thank you … looked up our closest cheap gas. Can’t believe it’s nearly $10 cheaper than where we normally get it … at Bunnings!”