How do you level a motorhome?

Ask any owner of a motorhome this question: “How do you level a motorhome?” Most of them will answer: “With great difficulty. It’s darned hard work”.

And that’s when the vehicle is standing stationary!

How about when it’s moving?  Think of those bone-shaking rides you’ve had on some of our so-called ‘highways‘! How great would it be if your motorhome magically leveled out those bumps?

Well, your dream can now come true. The solution lies in the latest comfort technology called a “VB Airsuspension FullAir4C kit“. If you have this kit, you’ll think you are riding on a cloud. 

Consider that noise factor in your motorhome? Have you ever been aware of how much you frown as you drive? Noise can cause that. And what about road rage? Noise and tiredness can certainly cause that! Being the driver, a smooth quiet ride relaxes you. As a result, you reach your destinations, fresh and very ready to enjoy your stopovers.

Who actually levels motorhomes

VB AirSuspension at Lynbrook Vic retrofits the 4C kit system. A lady rang the company (03 9794 8888) after one such retrofit and said: “What have you done to my cupboards?”  Puzzled, the company MD, Craig McCallum said: “Sorry, I don’t understand. Which cupboards?”

The lady laughingly replied: “The kitchen cupboards – the plates and cutlery don’t rattle anymore! Nor do the chains that raise and lower the double bed. It’s pure heaven”. 

You see, the VB AirSuspension FullAir4C kit is designed to make your motorhome more comfortable. Also more capable. It fully replaces your existing factory suspension with airbags.  Once fitted, the 4C controller (pictured) offers both self-leveling and manual options.  It allows you to raise the ride height, lower the ride height, and even lift at the front and rear or side to side. Most important when parked.

Here is the gizmo that causes all this bliss to happen:

VB Air hand-held controller for leveling a motorhome in seconds

It’s the ‘magic’ controller. Once fitted with a 4C kit, this device will change your driving comfort, and parking-up forever.

How the ‘magic’ controller works

Using the LED-backlit controller, you have a choice of up to 12 programs.

Easily the best way to understand how each of the 12 buttons works is to watch this 3-minute YouTube video. Please note, the video was filmed in 2018 so the buttons on the current controllers are different and do an even better job.

To this point in the blog, we have focused on retrofitting a 4C kit to an existing motorhome. But what about a total upgrade – a new luxury home on wheels. There is no better place for you to start than the new Avan Super Centre in Campbellfield Vic (1300 10 40 90). It’s Australia’s largest INDOOR showroom for vans and RVs.

Screenshot of a page from the new website for Avan Super Centre, Campbellfield Vic showing one of several virtual tours of their huge indoor showroom.

Screenshot from the new website for Avan Super Centre at Campbellfield Vic

All Avan motorhomes are built at Pakenham Vic. They have a Fiat Ducato cab-chassis and come with a coil spring suspension as standard. When ordering a new Avan motorhome, the VBAirSuspension FullAir 4C kit is one of many options you can choose.

Now, before you leave our blog pages… all motorhomes have gas bottles, don’t they? So be sure to read: “You… run out of gas? No way!

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