Author: Gordon Campbell  Photograph David Manser

Please help us with as much accurate info as you can

You don’t need to be reminded that the years 2019 to 2022 have been one of the worst trienniums in decades.

Drought, bushfires, COVID-19, plus floods at levels not previously recorded. Then there’s the brutal war in Ukraine which threatens vital oil supplies.

At Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com we struggle to keep up with the mountain of changes we need to make to the entries in our database.

So we ask you to help us to continue to provide the best bottled LPG pricing service in Australia.

Here’s how you can help us

1. Be understanding

There are close to 3,500 entries in our website database.  Is there a program that can automatically supply an update to every database entry on a daily basis?

If you know of one please use the menu item “Contact Us” to tell us about it (Click here). We doubt there is, and we are pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to afford the cost anyway.

Our database IS FREE FOR YOU TO USE. Barbara and I do our best to update entries AS SOON AS YOU TELL US ABOUT THEM.

As retirees, it is a labour of love.

2. Use your mobile

Staff members at bottled LPG resellers sometimes complain that they have been abused. Why? Because website users drive a distance only to find the gas price has gone up. Please don’t abuse the staff. They may not even be aware of our website.

You own a mobile. Please use it to ring first and ask the price. Every listing has a listing date. If it is more than a few months old there is a strong possibility that the price has changed. Also, in these uncertain times, gas deliveries are often delayed. Why drive any distance, wasting expensive diesel, only to find there’s no gas?

3. Closures

The oil and gas industries are going through a massive restructuring period. Many resellers are quitting the industry. Hardware businesses we have listed for years are shutting up shop. When we know about these we black flag them.

Then there is the tidal wave of rebranding. Some Caltex and Woolworths service stations are becoming Ampol. Others are becoming Liberty or Access and a myriad of other independents. It is mind-boggling and virtually impossible for Barbara and me to keep up with.

SO PLEASE – HELP US – Give us as much accurate information as you can 

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10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated