Read This For The Lowdown on Bunnings, Coles and Woolworths Swaps

These days, there are thousands of locations in Australia where you can swap gas bottles.

Swapping is easily the most convenient way of replacing an empty gas bottle with a full one.  It’s practical … it’s quick … it’s safe … AND … provided you are swap-shopping in a location where there’s a bit of competition … you can save yourself quite a few dollars.

So, what’s the key to finding the best deal and saving the most money?

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Simple … you focus on the MAJOR PLAYERS in the swap marketplace. There are three that come immediately to mind … Bunnings, Coles Express and Caltex Woolworths. Between them they claim, via their websites, to have around 2,700 locations the length and breadth of Australia.

Now, if you do a bit of research on the internet and use a few free calls most of us have on our phone plans but rarely use, you can save a motza!

Remember, in this exercise, we are focusing on swap outlets only, and just the three major players in that field … Bunnings … Coles Express … Caltex Woolworths. And even with Caltex Woolworths, we have to be careful because some of their outlets have (to us) rather confusing price policies.

The three outlets that will save you heaps on swap bottles … 


We find Bunnings to be the leaders in swap field.  You know exactly where you stand with Bunnings price. On our website, you can search for every one of their 270 stores, and find out their current 8.5 kg and 3.75 kg swap price as well.

Click Here to see Bunnings current price for 8.5 kg swaps

Click Here to see Bunnings current price for 3.75 kg swaps

Click Here for a complete State by State list of Bunnings stores


To find a Coles Express near you, Click Here.  That’s the easy way to find one.

Mind you, with 685+ locations around Australia, the big red Shell – Coles Express trademark is pretty hard to miss. They are usually welcoming, with clean facilities and often have cafe services.  Naturally, their core business is fuel for vehicles. However, a big part of their bottom line these days is their service station shop sales, which includes swap bottled gas.

It is widely known that Coles Express is owned by Wesfarmers, a gigantic Australian company. And at first glance, it is another Wesfarmers off-shoot, Bunnings, that has a slight edge, price-wise, in the swap gas bottle stakes. As at 31/10/16, it is Bunnings $19.85 v Coles Express $24.00 … a healthy $4.15 difference. But always check our website as prices can change overnight quite dramatically.

Canny swap shoppers are wide awake to one fact.  Currently, if you spend $20.00 or more in the Coles Express shop when paying your fuel bill,  you get a discount of 10 cents per litre on the fuel.  No big deal if you are on a moped … but … oh boy … if you time your swap with a refill of that big thirsty 100+ litre tug of yours, you’ll sure swagger back to momma with a smile on your dial! And you don’t need a shopper docket or discount card.

Click Here for our take on Coles Express current swap bottle prices.


If there is no Bunnings or Coles Express in the vicinity where you are, the third choice for astute gas bottle swappers is Caltex Woolworths service stations.

On their website, they claim over 500 servos Australia-wide.  However, in country areas, you’d be well-advised to ring before driving too far to swap a gas bottle.  They have (to us) a strange and somewhat confusing price regime, and not all 500+ Caltex Woolworths service stations offer the same deal.

Click Here for our take on Caltex Woolworths current swap bottle prices and their service station locations.

21/02/2020 – Marion Carroll wrote:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save lots of money.