Gas Bottle Refills – saving you a motza for years …

Gas Bottle Refills – or ‘GBR’ as many people now know us – has, for years, been a real money-saving site. Hence the calendar image.

By far, the best way to save dollars when buying LPG is to REFILL your bottles.

Undoubtedly, the most popular way, before COVID-19, was to SWAP. But in tough times, every cent counts. So are you chucking away $10 or more every time you run out of gas? By swapping bottles, that’s what you’re probably doing. Can you afford that? Are you aware of the huge difference in the price of swaps compared to refills?

Since 2016, people have often emailed us saying something like this; “We’ve been swapping at the local servo and paying $30. On GBR we discovered the hardware store around the corner refills for just $20! So, thank you, GBR”.

So let’s get started saving you money…

These days, smartphones are mostly used to view GBR. But, whichever device you are using – Mobile (68.48%), Desktop (24.42%) or Tablet (7.10%), the procedure is basically the same:

    1. On a Mobile, look for and Click on the ‘Menu’. It’s the top line on a Desktop.
    2. Click on ‘Find Cheap Gas’
    3. Go to ‘Enter Postcode or Town Name’*
    4. Click on ‘Find Locations’

* NOTE: In Item 3, your best option is the postcode of the town or suburb where you are now, or where you are planning to go. Postcodes, being just four numerals, are easier to enter. Names are much more likely to be misspelled.

In several seconds (slower in poor reception areas) a map appears showing coloured pins.

Colour of pins

GREEN: Staff refill your bottles (conditions may apply)

RED: Only swap bottles. (As ‘Swap ‘N’ Go’ is a registered tradename, we never use it)

YELLOW: Sellers stock swaps or will refill your bottles (conditions may apply)

BLACK: Click for an explanation!

If you now scroll below the map, details relating to each pin will be listed.

The name of the seller

This is where our site wins ‘hands-down’ if you are using a small-screen device. On some apps, it is nigh-on impossible to find the suburb or towns you want when an area is new to you and there are masses of pins. Not so, our site.  Once you nominate a town or suburb, this symbol will appear yellow-marker . Its position is the center point of the postcode or the center of the town/suburb you have entered.

Under the map, the sellers closest to the address you entered will have their names in red. Click on a red name then return to the map. Now a banner has appeared pointing directly to the seller chosen.


As just pointed out, when you click on a seller’s name, a banner appears on the map pointing to the seller. On the banner, you will see in red type the word Directions. Unfortunately, the Directions, when clicked, only show directions from the center of town/suburb or postcode.  So, if you were approaching from, say, 50 km away the directions to find the desired seller could still be confusing.

One recommended solution is this; use Google Maps to plot where you are currently to the address you wish to go:-

Using this method, you can plot your travel path from any specific location to another specific location.

We use ‘Google Maps’ but occasionally we find their pins are incorrectly placed. So if you come across any such location, please tell us so we can advise Google. To do that click here

But since February 2020 we have found an EVEN BETTER way of accurately finding a location!

Gas bottle sizes

In Australia, the two most popular camping and BBQ gas bottle sizes are the POL design 9kg and 4.5kg sizes*.  This website will, very quickly, help you find the cheapest refills or swaps right around Australia – over 3,500 outlets as of 1st March 2021.

*Important note regarding size: Don’t be confused. Swap bottle retailers call the above sizes 8.5kg and 3.7kg.  However, they are usually interchangeable with 9kg and 4.5kg size bottles. The main concern for owners of caravans, motorhomes, and other RVs is that they are a specific height or diameter to fit bottle cages or gas lockers.

In METAL gas bottles, there is no such thing as a SWAP ONLY bottle.

Even if it has passed through a swap outlet at some time, every metal POL bottle is refillable. However, to be refilled legally, bottles must be in good condition and be date-stamped less than 10 years ago. The refiller has the final say.

More volunteers needed

Volunteers have sourced the 3,500+ entries in our database. Updating that database is a huge job. To encourage more volunteers, each month we conduct a random draw for a sponsored prize valued currently at $89.00. Click here for more details.

 We now use the FREE & AD-FREE app “What3Words”

Whenever you see this at the base of a gas supplier’s listing – ///word.word.word – that will mean something to you only if you have the free app “What3Words”. We guarantee this app will make finding ANY location so much easier and faster than any other locating system you have ever used. Click HERE for details.

Disclaimer:  This site is privately owned and independently operated by Gordon and Barbara Campbell. Prices quoted are supplied mainly by volunteers. We ring every seller so we know the information is correct. Obviously, prices fluctuate. Therefore, be guided by the date shown on each listing. Those not updated in recent times must be taken as a guide only.

Remember, it is the prerogative of every retailer to charge for gas whatever price he/she chooses. It is YOUR prerogative, as a gas buyer, to pay or not to pay that price.  If the price we show IS different, immediately report it here so we can update the entry.

We accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. All material appearing on the site is copyright protected.


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01/11/20 – David Brown wrote:

Your gas bottle refills site is fantastic, incredibly helpful, and so easy to use.