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Our website will save you money … lots of money … provided you follow some simple rules

The website was launched in May 2016.  Prior to that, we had a Facebook page, which is still our “social media” or “general discussion” page.

A website, or app, is so much more user-friendly than a Facebook page, but each has its place in the scheme of things.

In Australia, the two most popular camping and BBQ gas bottle sizes are the POL design 9 kg* and 4.5 kg* sizes.  This website will, very quickly, help you find the cheapest refills and swaps of those bottle sizes right around the continent – over 3,500 as at 20th May 2019.

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SIZES:  Swap bottle retailers advertise the above-mentioned sizes as 8.5 kg and 4.0 kg (even 3.75 kg). But don’t be confused. Respectively, they equal the above sizes in content weight.
In METAL gas bottles, there is no such thing as a SWAP ONLY bottle. All metal POL bottles can be refilled, even if at some time in their life they have passed through a swap outlet. As long as they are in good condition and ARE IN DATE they can be refilled.
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So … Let’s Get Started

On our homepage, go to the red ‘Find Locations‘ panel …

Into the box to the left, enter the town (or its postcode) where you are now, or a town (postcode) where you plan to go. Be sure you spell town name correctly or have the correct postcode.

Almost instantly Google’s powerful search engine SHOULD list your options, both as coloured pins ON a map and as a list UNDER the map.

COLOUR OF PINS: RED pins indicate resellers who only swap. GREEN pins indicate resellers who only refill. YELLOW pins indicate resellers who do both swaps and refills.

Yes … That’s How It SHOULD Work!

We say ‘SHOULD’ because in areas of poor internet/phone reception, it may take time for the data to appear. So please be patient if you see the data loading bar is slow.

Additionally, there may be some spots in remote or sparsely populated areas that do not register.

We use ‘Google Maps’ but occasionally we find the pins are incorrectly placed. So if you come across such locations please tell us so we can advise Google. To do that click here

We know new users of our website database may experience a few glitches at first. Sometimes you have to experiment with your entries. But again – if you need help – use the ‘click here’ above and we’ll help you as quickly as we can.

Remember, this is a FREE service provided by volunteers. We know alternative ‘apps’ have sprung up since we launched this website in May 2016. If you also use them, that’s your prerogative. But, with over 3,500 entries in our database, users are constantly telling us ours is easily the best.

Australian Residents … please join our CLOSED Facebook group.

If you live outside Australia, there is no point in you joining the Facebook group.  We are a co-operative group. Members are encouraged to supply details of their bottled gas purchases. Obviously, overseas residents cannot do that.

So, while this is a WORLD-WIDE WEBSITE and welcomes everyone, especially those planning to visit Australia, we regret that our FACEBOOK SITE is for Australian residents only.  We have a large team of volunteers who monitor every membership applicant and quickly reject those who do not qualify.

Sorry … but those are the rules!

So, Australian residents only, click here to visit the Facebook site and then click the “JOIN” box to request membership.


Disclaimer:  This site is privately owned and independently operated by Gordon and Barbara Campbell. All prices quoted are checked, by telephone, with retailers at the time we first receive them. However, we acknowledge that prices do fluctuate. Therefore you must be guided by the date listed on each entry. Entries not updated in recent times must be taken as a guide only.

Above all, please DO NOT ABUSE retailers charging a higher price than the one we quote.

It is the prerogative of every retailer to charge whatever price he/she chooses. It is YOUR prerogative, as the buyer, to pay or not to pay the price being asked.  If the price IS different to the one we quote, immediately report it here

We accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. All material appearing on the site is copyright protected.

Now, please continue and read our “Must Read Facts” for lots of other interesting information.

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30/08/19 – Christine Oram wrote

You and Barbara do a wonderful job with your gas bottle refill site. We are full-time travellers and have saved a lot using it. Thank you.