Why LPG sellers like you to say “Found on GBR”

Most smart business owners these days like to know why a customer made the decision to shop at their store.  Saying “Found (you) on GBR” gives him a clue. Let’s face it –  in this new age of social media, surveys and questionnaires are commonplace.

Online shopping for everyday items such as food and clothing has been changing retail buying patterns for some time now. But COVID-19 lockdowns have caused online sales to skyrocket.

Three items NOT SOLD online are petrol, diesel, and LPG

Until such time as our vehicles are battery-powered, we’ll still need to visit service stations for fuel. As you would be aware, many service stations these days are owned or leased by new-comers to Australia. Often such businesses are staffed by family or members of the same ethnic group.

Saying “Found on GBR” when purchasing LPG at these service stations will more often than not be a total waste of time.

However, there will be other times when, if you say this, you may get a pleasant surprise.  You see, we always visit, or at the very least telephone, LPG sellers before we list them on this website.  Those who are prepared to listen to what we have to say will often agree to reward customers in some way for saying “Found on GBR”.

It’s a little like Seniors Discounts

Many readers of this blog will be entitled to concessions under a Seniors Discount scheme. However in our experience, unless one specifically asks “Do you have a seniors discount price” a retailer may not volunteer this information. That’s understandable too. Who wants to embarrass themselves by mentioning a seniors discount to a customer who is not yet a senior?

My philosophy on discounts is this: I always ask. The worst that can happen is the seller can say ‘No’. I’ve saved several thousand dollars in the 34 years I have been seniors discount eligible.

10/10/2023 Fiona @ Mareeba Sheds says

Thanks – you guys are still generating a lot of business for us and it is greatly appreciated