FORM 1. Know a refill and/or swap site we don’t list?

Tell us and qualify for a monthly prize … a $50 Anaconda gift card.
CONDITIONS: YOUR NAME – Well, that’s up to you. Your real name, your nick-name, your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram name … we don’t mind.

YOUR EMAIL – Inclusion in the monthly draw for a $50 Anaconda gift card is optional. But, if you wish to be in the draw, we need your email address. We must be able to contact you to mail your gift card if yours is the first number drawn.


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When you refill/swap a bottle, ask seller the price of other size also. We like to have both prices. Say why you are ask. They may not know about our site

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FORM 2. Found a site needing updates? New price, new address or new phone number? Seller closed down?

CONDITIONS: Same as those applying to FORM 1.


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Price changes. Examples: 9kg refill $19.95; 8.5kg swap $29.00


30/05/19 – Fiona Fuller wrote:

Hi guys – a big thank you for your website. It sends a lot of people our way. We really appreciate it. We have some changes to make to our prices if you could update them that would be great.
Mareeba Sheds & Gas FNQ