Do you rely on us for cheap bottled LPG prices? How can we help you?

For years, natural disasters such as COVID, bushfires, cyclones, droughts, and floods have created havoc across our beautiful continent. Now, terrifying scenes of human conflict in Europe fill our TV screens daily.

The flow-on effect of all this misery is catastrophic. Prices for basic commodities have never been higher. One of the worst affected is petroleum and its by-product liquid petroleum gas. So at Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com, we are doing all we can to save you precious dollars on bottled LPG.

Without too much effort you can really help us to help others. How?

As you travel in different States and Territories looking for the best deals, ring, or speak personally to, gas resellers. If they are already listed on our site, ask if the prices we show are still correct. If not, PLEASE TELL US.

If you come across a reseller we are not listing, please ask the prices for the large (8.5 or 9kg) and the small (3.7, 4.0, or 4.5kg) sizes. write them down, then use the ‘Contact Us’ menu item to tell us.

Here, for example, is a screenshot of what you would find if you were searching for cheap gas bottle refills in Launceston, Tasmania.

The pop-up card appears when you touch (or mouse) on the store name Barbeques Galore Launceston. The address is shown next followed by a “What3Words” location.
To learn all about “What3Words” and how the free app makes it easy to find, share and save precise locations to the nearest 3m x 3m, click here
Below the map is a list of all the sites we know about within 50km to 100km of your original search location.
Please keep in mind that WE DO NOT LIST every service station in Australia. There are SO MANY OF THEM and most have swap bottles only which are much more expensive than Bunnings. There are 310 Bunnings stores in Australia and every one of them is listed on our website. As are all BCF, Barbeques Galore, and many Mitre 10s. Click here for a full list of Mitre 10s


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – stop getting angry with gas suppliers we list on our website when the prices we are showing are not current. The world market is forcing gas prices up almost daily.

Before you visit a supplier, ring first and ask if the price we are quoting is still current.

We have over 3,000 listings on our website. There is NO AUTOMATIC PRICE INCREASE APP IN EXISTENCE. Barbara and I have to manually change each listing. How long would it take you to ring 3,000+ businesses?

So, please make our job easier – make one or two phone calls yourself and if you find a change please please please use the “Contact Us” menu item AND TELL US.

After all, our service costs you not ONE RED CENT so please be reasonable.

Gordon Campbell, Chief Admin

22/07/22 John Orr wrote:

Your site is amazing and easy to use. Thank you for maintaining it!