You are a smart business person. You know you need to advertise, but the big question is:

Where DO I Advertise?

That’s the conundrum!

OK, so let’s apply a bit of logic to your question.  Why are you reading this?  You’ve come to a website designed specifically to help smart people … note that … smart people … save money on gas. It follows then that you must have some interest in gas.

Now, why do people need gas?  We know from our Facebook page, with 6,500+ members to date, that the majority use gas for leisure. They are outdoors types and they bbq with it.  Or they power their RV refriges and cookers with it. Some have camp heaters and even use it for bright gas lighting.

These people form one of the fastest growing markets in Australia … leisure seekers!

We don’t want to bore you with statistics but look at the incredible growth in RV sales. They are mind-blowing.

And once they’ve got their RV, they need a continuing supply of GAS!

And that’s why you should advertise with us ...


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22/07/22 John Orr wrote:

Your site is amazing and easy to use. Thank you for maintaining it!