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This website was launched in May 2016.

Potentially, we had 3,000 viewers immediately … the members of our Facebook group, “GAS BOTTLE REFILLS“… Cheapest in Australia.

By May 2019, that number had sky-rocketed. Google Analytics was telling us we had 100,000 page-hits per month.

We, Gordon and Barbara Campbell, the owners of this website, are ‘grey nomads’. We spend 7 months of each year travelling in Australia by motorhome. We meet hundreds of fellow grey nomads … and you know what … many just don’t like Facebook!

So ask any one of our early members how much better a website is to visit?  We regularly put their enthusiastic comments on our home page.

It’s now so easy to access all the great features … so many you just could not get on Facebook.

Use our Site Map and take a tour of this site and see for yourself.

For starters, the 3,500+ gas retailer database is lightning fast to load.  And there’s so much more information … so much more detail … seller’s prices, operating hours, telephone numbers, websites and turn-by-turn GPS tracking.

So … how much should you pay to advertise here?  Well, we’d love to say …


In fact, we did say that!  That was our deal on this very page when we started.  But that offer expired on 31st October 2016.

Now we have GOOGLE ANALYTICS providing regular weekly figures about our audience.  And they are pretty damned impressive figures.

Remember … the only people that bother with our site are Aussies who are in the market for bottled gas. So we offer …


Our members and visitors need gas for their caravans, motorhomes, campervan, tents, boats, BBQ’s … all sorts of outdoor activities.

Latest census statistics reveal there are in excess of 2,000,000 Australia’s that own some sort of recreational vehicle. A huge number enjoy life-on-the-road full time and need gas every couple weeks. That brings them back to this website time and time again.

So if your product or service is in any way connected with their specific interests, you should think about promoting it here.

Why not fill out the ADVERTISEMENT FORM now and have us quote you a price. You will get a very pleasant surprise.

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22/07/22 John Orr wrote:

Your site is amazing and easy to use. Thank you for maintaining it!