Do you have computer problems? Relax – get help over the phone now

You are not a very savvy computer user. In fact, you really should have L Plates pinned on the back of your jacket.
As a surprise, your family has bought you an iPad for a special day… you know… a ‘biggy’ birthday or a wedding anniversary… something like that.
Boy, are you excited! You can’t wait to sit down and start using it.

But that’s when panic sets in! There is so much paperwork to go through. A whole lot of confusing diagrams and the like. As a result, your head is spinning. The younger family members are no help. They know how their devices work. Do they have the patience to sit with you and explain everything step by step? Not on your sweet Nellie.

Here’s what should have happened…

As well as your new toy, it would¬†have been great had you been given a $149 Tech2 subscription. Then an AUSTRALIAN ‘techy’ would be on hand for the next 365 days to solve any computer problems over the phone.

My name is Gordon Campbell and I am the author of this blog. If you are a website regular, you know you can trust me to “tell it as it is”. Today’s blog I am writing because I have been a Tech2 ‘fan’ since November 9, 2016.¬† On my laptop and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet I have Windows 10. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 10 – Android. Barbara has a similar setup. For our A$149 annual fee, ALL those devices come under the Tech2 service umbrella.

I have no hesitation in saying, “Tech2 offers the best – and cheapest – internet technical support in the whole of Australia”. As I wrote earlier, ” … that’s because they ARE based in Australia!”


One of the banes of my existence is off-shore support. Do you agree? That interminable waiting online. The drop-outs and having to go through the whole rigmarole again. Oh Lordy – how I hate that.

Not so with Tech2. You ring 1300 788 071. Immediately you are asked, clearly, which of their three services you need. In seconds, you are told your position in the queue.

I have used the service for so long now I know the routine. As soon as the Australian-based technician responds, I verbally supply three pieces of data. This positively identifies me. Having loaded the panel (pictured above) I wait for the technician to give me a 6-digit PIN code. When I have entered that, a process starts which allows the technician to share control of my device.

There is one particular ‘Tech” I prefer to speak with. His name is KIT. Over time, he has got to know the set-ups for all six of our devices. However, he works Monday to Friday only. If he is already attending to another Tech2 client, I ask for him to call me later. It saves time re-explaining our particular computer problems.

Mind you, if a problem does occur at the weekend and it just HAS to be fixed immediately, a weekend technician will attend to my call. It may take a little more time, but the whole tech team – men and women – are very proficient. Technicians are on duty 7 days a week – and not just the usual 9 to 5.

Once your computer problems are fixed, maybe you’ll need a good value for money holiday right here in Australia!

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