Compare the market. Is Coles Express cheaper for bottled gas?

That is the first question you should ask yourself. Are Woolworth’s service stations and others like Coles Express cheaper for bottled gas?

Well, the truth is… that all depends on how much VEHICLE FUEL you buy. Other goods you purchase in the shop count as well.

At these outlets, the standard price for 8.5 kg swap bottles is $29.00. For the 3.7 kg size, $24.00 is standard. (05/05/20)

Compare the prices you’ll find on the gas bottles website. That’s expensive gas. Much dearer than most of the REFILLS we list.

Are you curious about the supermarket and petrol stations’ fuel vouchers? We find them confusing.
This feature story by James McKay on ‘The Burrow’ makes good reading. He posted it on 21 Mar 2019.¬†What are your thoughts on the subject?

There are many other articles on that site you may find interesting and informative.

‘Compare the market’ – the new buzz phrase

The British ad-agency, VCCP are marketing geniuses. They had a huge client wishing to monetize a slogan. That client was BGL Insurance Group, and the slogan was ‘Compare the Market’. (

So in 2009, VCCP came up with a play-on-words, ‘Compare the Meerkat’.

Our favorite resource is that online information bible starting with ‘W’. That’s where we headed to research ‘Compare the Meerkat’. If you enjoy a good read, you’ll find the article hard to resist.


For TV adverts, VCCP created a character named, ‘Aleksandr Orlov’. Aleksandr is a cravat-wearing Russian meerkat. He is the founder of ‘Compare the Meerkat’. And, according to Anna Tyzack in ‘The Telegraph’ (22 Jan 2010), he is “world’s most famous meerkat”. (

For adults, meerkats are amusing little critters. As for kids, they adore them. If yours are confined to home (COVID-19) you may like to click on this for them:

It’s eleven years since Aleksandr Orlov and faithful side-kick, Sergei, first appeared. The exclamation “Simples” puzzled us at first. But, believe it or not, “Scrabble” has added it as a ‘legal’ word. And, boy, is IT now in common usage!

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Coles Express Cheaper

21/02/2020 – Marion Carroll wrote:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to save lots of money.