Question: Alice to Darwin … Who Sells Cheap Gas?

If you travel the Stuart Highway, NT, ask yourself “Where will I find the cheapest gas between Alice and Darwin?’

The answer … a place you’d never expect … RENNER SPRINGS DESERT INN … a little whistle-stop in the middle of nowhere called Pamayu.

Sure, if you are not fussy, you can always swap at a big hardware group based in both cities. At either of these big centres, you won’t do better than $23.90 for an 8.5kg swap.

But what if you own shiny new bottles that fit snugly on your drawbar or in your gas locker?  You are probably not going to swap them, are you!

And maybe yours ARE a bit older … so what. You’ve really looked after them, haven’t you? Not like some of those junk bottles from ‘who knows where in the world’ you often find in swap cages. Different heights, different diameters! Most with hardly any ‘use by life’ left anyway.

And what about your serious suspicions the bottles you swap don’t seem to last as long? You’ve heard that story often enough at campfire ‘happy hours’ haven’t you!

Then, of course, you may be victim to the latest trend being set by RV manufacturers … smaller gas bottles.  They are the 4.5kg size, or as the “swap boys” call them these days … 4kg or even 3.75kg (gosh, we wish they’d make up their minds)

The big swap merchants don’t ‘miss’ you on the price of those little buggars.  $17.88 for a 3.75 kg swap at the most loved hardware group and $22.00 at the next cheapest!!!  Holy cow … that’s expensive!!!

Heaps of refill stores we list on our website database refill for much less than that.

So where again is the cheapest refill location on the Stuart Highway … cheapest gas Alice to Darwin?

At a little roadhouse/service station called RENNER SPRINGS DESERT INN, officially in the town of PAMAYU.

They will only charge you $3.00 kg to fill your gas bottle … that’s $27.00 for a full 9kg and $13.50 for a 4.5kg.  The price for that small size bottle is hard to beat anywhere in Australia, let alone in the middle of a remote part of Australia.

Gas bottle refiller, GURYAN SINGH, loves helping grey nomads and other Central Australia travellers save money at Renner Springs Desert Inn.

Make sure you stop there and tell Guryan, “We found you on Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com”.

PS: Our great mates, Vicki and Terry Burnett,  full-time ‘almost’ grey nomads, first alerted us to cheap gas at Renner Springs Desert Inn three years ago.

The price has not gone up one cent since.


06/12/18 – Wendy Gosling wrote:

Gordon and Barbara – our thanks.  We have saved lots on our gas bottle refills when travelling because of your site.
Regards and Happy Christmas