Cheapest Bottled Gas Refill in Vic?

Where do you go for the cheapest bottled gas refill in Vic?

We bet most readers are going to answer “Bunnings“.

Sorry … wrong on two counts. 1. Bunnings don’t refill and 2. Bunnings price is a whopping $10.96 more!

So where in Victoria do they refill a 9 kg gas bottle for $15.99? (as at 13/12/18)

What if we answered – “At your local milk bar!”

You’d think we were crackers, wouldn’t you?

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Well, you’d better think again.


Because the title “Cheapest Bottled Gas Refill in Victoria” until recently belonged to this little convenience store-cum-milk bar in the outer Melbourne suburb of Noble Park. (Anaconda stores at Ballarat – Bayswater – Bendigo – Frankston – Geelong – Highett – Narre Warren – Preston now do 9kg refills for $15 IF you show the special Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com barcode)

Here is the shop …

Halton Road Convenience Store

The Cheap Gas Shop 65 Coolavin Rd, North Noble Park (03) 9795 0770

So why would a milk bar be selling cheap bottled gas refills?

Well, like Andrew, son of proprietor John, explains, “Dad just loves to be busy. He comes from a cultural background that is used to hard work and long hours. And he is smart enough to know that the harder you work, the more money you make”

“There’s very little profit margin in gas.  But the beauty of the refill concept is this …

  • while a gas customer waits for us to refill their bottles (and most want two bottles filled, which is the legal limit for transporting gas bottles) that customer is having a cappuccino or milkshake and buying chocolates or bag of sweets for the kids.

Noble Park is deep in the heart of, possibly, the most cosmopolitan region of Melbourne.

Located roughly 35 km SE of the GPO, it has one of the fastest growing populations in Australia. Plus there are huge developments in infrastructure and multi-family residential housing planned.

Obviously, if you live outside a 15 km radius of Noble Park, you are hardly likely to drive a total 30km there and back to save $21.92 on two bottles of gas.

But crikey … there is a hell of a lot of people inside that 15 km radius that are going to be fronting up to John and Andrew’s place after they read this.

They are open 6.30am to 9.00pm every day except the major holidays

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