Three types of bottled gas buyers… which are you?

  1. The bottled gas buyer who uses one or two a year. Always swaps at the nearest servo.
  2. The guy who goes through one a month. “Hang the expense… we can afford it,” he says.
  3. The SMART buyer! He knows refilling is way cheaper than swapping. Using this website he can save a motza!

Why is it smarter for you to refill?

Many of us own shiny, near-new, high-quality steel bottles. They fit nicely into our RV’s gas locker or bottle brackets.

Swapping them away for rough, repainted, low-grade steel bottles you see in some swap-shop cages certainly has no appeal for us.

By using this website you’ll find the best gas deals no matter where you are in Oz. Our database has over 3,500 locations listed.

So if you are a bottled gas buyer, you’ll save a motza using this website. In some towns, there’s $20 difference just 300m away!

Now… some words of caution

In most Australian States/Territories,  legislation decrees that gas bottles must be officially inspected and safety approved every ten years.
So, at any ‘swap-site”, always have the sales assistant point out the date on the bottle you are picking up.  Don’t accept it if it has less than 13 months of “life”.
Why? Because next time you want to swap, it may be right out of date, and some sellers … not all … charge a fee to swap an out of date bottle.
But whichever type of gas buyer you are, you’re bound to find data of interest on this site.

Have a bottle needing testing?

Click this link for a State by State list of approved testers:

01/11/20 – David Brown wrote:

Your gas bottle refills site is fantastic, incredibly helpful, and so easy to use.