Basically, there are three types of bottled gas buyers …

  1. The first is the person who goes through only one or two bottles a year.

Let’s, say the nearest gas supplier is $6.00 dearer than another supplier 5 km up the road.

Is the distance there and back, plus traveling time, really worth the effort to save just $12 year?

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So who would blame you if you swap your bottles. But a word of caution – Government legislation in most Australian States/Territories decrees that gas bottles must be officially inspected and safety approved every ten years.  Thus a bottle stamped July 2006 will be out of date in August 2016 unless inspected and restamped.

Therefore always have the sales assistant at a swap site show you the date on the bottle.  You don’t want it if it has less than 13 months of “life”. Why? Because next time you want to swap, it may be right out of date, and some sellers … not all … charge a fee to swap an out of date bottle.

2. The second is the traveler who uses a bottle every month, but to whom cost is not a concern. “Hang the expense … we can afford it!” Often they don’t have the patience to wait while their bottle is refilled either.

3. The third is the canny gas buyer who just loves a bargain.  This person carefully plans their purchases so they only refill at the best possible price.

They may also own shiny near-new, high quality steel bottles. These are bottles that fit nicely into their RV gas locker or bottle brackets. The idea of swapping them away for the rough (albeit, legal) re-painted, low-grade steel bottles that some swap-shops offer, certainly does not appeal.

So whichever type of gas buyer you are, you’re bound to find what you are looking for on this site.

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06/12/18 – Wendy Gosling wrote:

Gordon and Barbara – our thanks.  We have saved lots on our gas bottle refills when travelling because of your site.
Regards and Happy Christmas