This is why you need the Big Lappers Guidebook…

Consider this – what if you sold your business, sold your house, put your ‘stuff’ in storage, and took off around Australia for a year or two?

It’s a dream many people have, but for Steve Baile and his wife Jen, it became a reality.

Like many young couples, they were fed up with the daily grind of a big city. It was just a rat race. The time-wasting traffic snarls, the routine of a job, the pressure of mortgage payments!

So after 7 years of planning and preparation, they took off on a journey of discovery. Leaving behind friends and family, Steve, Jen, and their two pre-school daughters commenced an epic 46,600km road trip.

Determined to get ‘off the beaten track, the Baile’s set themselves a goal. Not just the nine States and Territories. Oh no – their intention was to reach the extremes of The Continent – that’s the Four Points of the Compass, the Exact Centre, and even the Highest Point – Mt Kosciuszko. This meant travelling many of Australia’s roughest roads and visiting many spectacular remote destinations. And that’s why you need the “Big Lappers Guidebook”.

Isn’t that what you’d love to do once this cursed COVID epidemic is under control?

Could the wise saying, “The longest journey starts with the first step” ever be more appropriate. So, here’s the way to take YOUR first step. Click on this link and read Steve Baile’s compelling story titled “EVERY young family should do The Big Lap – 5 reasons why”.

After you have read through the story, you’ll find a great money-saving offer. Until the time COVID restrictions are eased (and hopefully that will only be a few months) Steve is offering, completely free, a 300-page guide to planning your Big Lap road trip around Australia. 300+ pages | 200+ chapters | 150+ weblinks.

Steve says, “We normally sell the eBook for $17 but we want to do what we can to help fellow stranded travellers while the roads and state borders are shut. And we figured that giving you a big fat book to read to keep you focussed on your road trip plans will help distract you from the fact that we are all currently in lockdown!”

“So far the response has been HUGE with over 1300 copies downloaded in the last few days already – awesome!”

Finally, you need to be aware of the alarming variation in the price of LPG as you travel Oz. Click here to save the link to the Gas Bottle Refills website and you’ll save a motza.

Big Lappers Guidebook is now free

23/11/21 Michael Dawson wrote:

Fantastic website. Got it cheap again. Camping and Outdoors at $22 for 9kg refill. Thank you.