How do we beat password hackers?

How do we beat password hackers? We all struggle with passwords. We want to make them difficult to guess, yet easy to remember.

In the digital security world, best practice now recommends creating your passwords using 3 random words. In effect, this is what the UK Government says:

“By adopting the ‘three random words’ technique it is possible to create complex passwords. These are passwords that can be remembered but will still beat most automated password hackers.”

So, here’s how to do it. Think of a very memorable landmark. It doesn’t need to be huge like the Statue of Liberty. For example, if you are a Sydneysider, you might choose Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, overlooking Sydney Harbour.

A couple sit on the historical Sydney Harbour landmark called Mrs Macquaries Chair

The What3Word app gives this location the 3-word name ///thanks.teach.waving

According to a leading password checking tool, those 3 words would take an automated hack 218,400 years to discover. So one would think you’d be fairly safe. You can check any password’s strength by clicking this link:

Of course, there would be a problem if everyone used the same famous location for their passwords. This would make it much easier for the criminals.

So it is recommended that you replace some letters with alternate characters. For instance, you could use the number 3 for the letter E, the number 4 for the letter a, and the 1 for the letter i. You could also add UPPER CASE to some letters in each word.

Therefore, a Sydneysider’s password might be tH4nKs.t34Ch.w4V1nG

According to the experts, that should beat password hackers!

And what if you DO forget your password? That’s not a problem anymore. Simply go to the “What3Words” app and find the location again. In fact, you could safely carry a reminder in your wallet. Just a card with the words “Think of a famous chair” should do the trick.

To download the free and advert-free What3Words app, click on the appropriate link below:

Footnote: Our thanks to PETER MOAR for suggesting this blog topic. Like us, Peter is an enthusiastic contributor to the growing International W3W community on We hope you find this blog informative. Why not send this link to family and friends who say they struggle with passwords:

It is definitely another unique use of the What3Words concept.

How to use three words to beat password hackers

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