So much dust & smoke!! Does your beloved mobile home look really shabby?

We found the answer to your problem and
you won’t believe how little it costs!

Washing RVs becomes a real problem with water restrictions so tight in Australia,
That’s why a business in the Canberra suburb of Hume caught our eye –

Hume Truck Wash

A go-ahead young man named Tim operates Hume Truck Wash.
As our Avan Ovation motorhome needed a thorough wash, we rang him.
He booked us in for 8 am the next morning.
We arrived on time. Already there was a line of trucks – a livestock carrier, a ‘B Double’ – even a road train.

Frankly, we had never seen, let alone given much thought to, truck washing before this.

There’s good reason why truckies clean their rigs

Most truck owner/drivers take incredible pride in the way their prime movers look.
We knew that, but what we didn’t understand is why their trailers needed cleaning so thoroughly?
A lady from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s office in The Valley, Brisbane was very helpful.
For example, she explained the importance of livestock trailers being cleaned.

Bio-security and Safety

“Bio-security is a major issue”. (n, the precautions taken to protect against the spread of lethal or harmful organisms and diseases)
“We are concerned about where cattle have come from.
Have they have been taken out of places where there is fireweed or giant rat’s tail, for example?
If so, we could be creating a serious issue with the spread of seed”.

This lady also spoke of a Safety Bulletin issued by the NHVR in December 2018 which, when paraphrased, read:
“The vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before a proper inspection is carried out. This is so inspectors can clearly see all components and structures.
It must be free from excessive contaminants, such as mud, grease, oil and other substances such as roadkill and chemicals”.
So now we appreciate why truck cleaning is so essential to the welfare of the community as a whole.

But here is the best bit of the story…

Because of our ages and health issues, thoroughly washing our motorhome is a real hassle.
At home (Port Macquarie – NSW) we had been quoted from $250 to $800 for this to be done.

And guess what?

Tim’s standard charge for motorhomes and caravans is $80 – $100. He charged us only $80. No kidding – 80 bucks! 

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