Want Low Gas Bottle Refill Prices?

Who doesn’t want low gas bottle refill prices?  We all do.

And as you travel Australia, you soon become aware there is a huge variation in prices.

So where do you look to find the lowest gas bottle refill prices?

Well, we suggest you start by taking a close look at Barbeques Galore stores.

Barbeques Galore!

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That may surprise some. It certainly did us. Now remember … it is gas bottle refill prices we are talking about.

The most popular way of replacing empty gas bottles is to swap them. And without doubt, Bunnings have a strangle hold on that market. They have 270 stores in locations where the most people live.  That makes it a very easy exercise.

So if you are happy to swap, you can go to our feature story on Bunnings for their current price and locations Click Here.

But many of us do not want to swap our bottles.

If they are new, obviously we don’t want to part with them. And if they are a special size that fit neatly in our gas bottle locker, there is no way we want to let them go!

With just 90 stores, Barbeques Galore is not the ‘giant’ in the gas bottle refill field.

That title surely goes to BCF … Boating Camping and Fishing.  They have around 118 outlets at present with more to come as some Ray’s Outdoors stores being rebranded.

However, scroll through our database of gas refill locations and you’ll see that, for 9kg refills at least, Barbeques Galore are mostly $3.00 cheaper than BCF.

And in some locations, Barbeques Galore are near enough to $10.00 cheaper than BCF … no, that’s not a typo … about $10.00 cheaper!

Check out these individual Barbeque Galore Stores … 

One glowing example is Maitland in NSW where a 9 kg refill costs only $15.00.  Yes … that’s right … here’s the picture to prove it! And a 4.5 kg refill is $10.00. Mind you, that 4.5 kg price is guaranteed only if you tell store staff you saw it on this website.  The address is 175 High St. Click Here then type 2320 in the search box.

Gas Bottle Refill Prices

Another Barbeques Galore store doing really cheap refills is located at Forster on the NSW Mid North Coast

Here the store owner, Micah Hardy, recognises what a customer draw-card cheap gas refills represent.

“It is a great ‘store traffic’ builder”, says Micah.  “Someone may come in to just to fill a gas bottle. But while they wait, they might finish up spending $700 on a new barbecue or some outdoor furniture”.

You find Micah’s store at 27 Breese Parade.  For directions Click Here and type 2428 in the search box.

Yet another Barbeques Galore in NSW that’s bucking the higher price trend is at 174 Princes Highway, Nowra South.

Here, a 9 kg refill is $18.00 and a 4.5 kg refill is that incredible $10.00 price. You don’t see many other locations where a 4.5 kg can be refilled for $10.00! Click Here and type 2541 in the search box.

To find the Barbeques Galore store nearest you, Click Here

11/11/17 – Carole Compton writes:

“Love the gas refill site. Have used it and has saved us lots of anguish and driving around to find gas Good on you – great job”