New United Service Station At Gunalda Qld

A new United Service Station has opened at Gunalda Qld in time for the 2016-17 holiday season.

The MASSIVE United Service Station  – the biggest of its kind in Queensland – has opened south of Tiaro. The 25,000 square metre Gunalda development includes a food court with 350 seats, a playground, 90 parking lots and a separate trucker’s lounge.


About the new development, a spokesperson for the company is reported to have said this: “People looking to fill up can expect to see cheap fuel at this new site between Tiaro and Gympie”.

“Our view is that residents in many parts of regional Queensland have been paying too much for fuel in recent years”.

‘The Company’s strategy is to open new sites in regional towns. That’s where we believe we can make a difference for these areas, and we’ve seen it work to bring down prices across the board”.

“If we can help out by driving the costs of fuel down, particularly in regional areas, that will ensure people have more money for groceries, health care or even the occasional treat.”

And what do WE have to say about all this? 

]QUOTE[ “Our view is that residents in many parts of regional Queensland have been paying too much for fuel in recent years”

Well, United Petroleum, you may be giving regional Qld motorists cheap fuel, but what about bottled gas buyers?

You sure as hell are doing them no favours with your LPG gas prices, are you!

You don’t do refills, and your 8.5kg swap bottle price is a whopping $38.00

That’s outrageous! How can you justify that price?

At Bunnings, the same size swap bottle is $20.85 – almost half your price.

Even Coles Express service stations are able to sell their swap bottles for $25.00. And they offer big discounts if a bottle swap is bundled with a fuel purchase.

Sorry – but we just don’t understand your company’s rationale on LPG gas pricing.



“Thanks, Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com … I can’t believe I have been paying $36 and thought that price was much the same everywhere.  Then, from your website, I find out that just down the road I can get it for under $20! Won’t be making that mistake again::-)