Gas refills in FN Queensland – Cheapest Where?

Where would you start looking for cheap gas refills in Far North Queensland?

Of course, if you are happy to swap your gas bottles, then you just can’t go past Bunnings @ $23.90.

But plenty of people, especially grey nomads, want to keep their own gas bottles.

There are many reasons, but the most important is the need for a snug fit in the gas locker or bottle holders of their R/Vs.

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However, let us tell you … the words “Gas refills Queensland” and “cheap” are not found in the same sentence round too many campfires these days.

So, surprisingly, one of the last areas in Far North Queensland that we expected to get cheap gas was in Woree, a bustling southern suburb of Cairns.


This bright yellow building, pictured above, is the home of Geo Pickers Camping and Outdoors. It is located at 560 Mulgrave Road, which runs parallel and adjacent to the Bruce Highway. This store has been the ‘Great Outdoors Mecca’ for North Queenslanders for over 35 years.

And not only locals … what about the hordes of overseas and interstate visitors? They love to shop here too.

Everything you could need, in the way of camping and outdoors equipment, can be found at Geo Pickers.


But Here’s What Was Important To Us …

With two new 9kg gas bottles in our Avan motorhome, the most important thing for us was the price of $19.95 for refills.

You see, on our first big trip from the East to West and return in 2014, five refills cost us, on average, $36.00. We’ve become a lot smarter since then. Now, we have access to our giant database of refill prices.  Armed with that information, provided mainly by fellow travellers, we refuse to pay more than $20.00 per refill.

Last year we covered 19,000 km through some of the most expensive parts of Australia and seven refills cost, on average, $19.02.


The manager at Geo Pickers, Nick Richardson, said “Up until April this year (2016), we were charging $25.00 for a 9 kg refill. As an experiment, we dropped the price by $5.00”.

“From a business point of view, it turned out to be a very smart move”.

We are not at liberty to repeat what Nick told us about sales overall.

Fair to say this though … gas bottle refills prices are not likely to increase anytime soon at Geo Pickers.

FOOTNOTE: We refreshed this story on Sat 09/09/17 when Nick told us –“Prices unchanged, Gordon. We love it when people say ‘I found you on GBR'”

11/11/17 – Carole Compton writes:

“Love the gas refill site. Have used it and has saved us lots of anguish and driving around to find gas Good on you – great job”