DANGER!  Don’t use Autogas on your barbie?

Based on an article by Jason Treseder, ESV Gas Engineer

In recent times we have seen increases in petrol prices.

This has caused a greater focus on alternate fuels for our vehicles. Add in some government rebates, and what is the end result? A huge increase in number of vehicles converted to operate on Autogas!

Autogas (also called automotive LPG) is now sold at many service stations. The price is significantly less than petrol or diesel. Typically, it is also cheaper than the gas intended for use with appliances like cookers, BBQs and heaters.

This has led to some users trying to save money by filling their LPG cylinders with Autogas.

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BUT … they are not the same product!

We repeat … Autogas is not Commercial Propane.

Connecting an appliance designed and certified for use with Commercial Propane is dangerous. Do not do it!

In Australia, almost all domestic appliances such as BBQs, cookers, heaters and hot water units are designed to operate on either Natural Gas or Commercial Propane.

These appliances undergo strict certification and testing. Used correctly, they will perform as expected under a range of conditions and will be safe for users.

Commercial Propane is considered to be almost pure propane.

Its composition is rigidly defined by Australian Standards.

The maximum limits of its non-propane parts, such as butane, are specified in these Standards. This is to safeguard the quality and properties of the gas and ensure it is within a narrow safety band.

Pat Payne, Senior Gas Technician with Gameco Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of gas equipment, says “I have read Jason Treseder’s article about auto gas versus propane and I agree 100%”.

“These gases have quite different heating values and will cause incorrect combustion which can have serious consequences”.

Read Jason Treseder’s own words on the subject which appeared on Page 11 of Energy Safe Victoria Magazine No. 27 <here>

FOOTNOTE: News item from The Adelaide Advertiser August 17, 2016 <Click here>


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