When Is Coles Express Cheaper Than Bunnings? 

Sure … we know … Bunnings’ gas swap prices are hard to beat.

But there are times when swapping a bottle at Coles Express service stations can work out cheaper?

“When is that?” you might ask.

Answer:  Every time you pump more than 51.5 litres of petrol/diesel in your vehicle AND swap a gas bottle at the same time!

Now remember … ANY GAS BOTTLE can be swapped provided it is ‘in date’ and in good condition.

There are at least 685 Coles Express service stations throughout Australia. You can find them all here.

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The regular price for swap gas at most* Coles Express is $25.00 for 8.5 kg, and $20.00 for 3.75 kg (as at 25/01/17)

(*notable exceptions are Karratha & Port Hedland WA , where an 8.5 kg is $35.00)

Bear in mind, Coles Express sell only swap gas bottles, and some have none at all … especially in isolated areas like northern WA’s Kununurra, Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing.

So, if you are happy to swap your gas bottles, here’s one way to save really BIG DOLLARS …

Fill your fuel tank and swap a gas bottle at the same time!

You see, when you spend $20.00 or more in a Coles Express cheaper service station shop, you qualify for a 10 cents per litre discount on your petrol/diesel.  If you also have a Coles Fuel Offer docket, you’ll increase that discount to 14 cents a litre. Check Here

If you are reading this in WA and have an RAC card you can also increase that discount to 14 cents per litre. For terms and conditions Check Here

If, like many devotees of this website, you often fill a 100-litre fuel tank, you effectively save $10.00 on your swap.

Work it out … even without that additional 4 cents discount, the 8.5kg swap costs you only $15.00, and the 3.75kg only $10.00!

Pretty hard to beat, eh?

We repeat … there are at least 685 Coles Express cheaper service stations right around Australia

To find the nearest one to where you are right now, or where you plan to be sometime in the future Click Here.

Also, make sure you tell your family, friends and workmates … and even the service station staff … about our website. They deserve to know!

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11/11/17 – Carole Compton writes:

“Love the gas refill site. Have used it and has saved us lots of anguish and driving around to find gas Good on you – great job”