As of 7th March 2018, we believe Coles Express have repriced swaps

More on this breaking story soon.

In the meantime, this what we know;

Ben from Geelong North has emailed us within the last 24 hours. He tells us the price for an 8.5kg swap at Coles Express, 247 Melbourne Rd, is now $27.00 (that’s up from $24.00 … an increase of 12.5%!). We rang the servo in the early hours this morning.
An attendant confirmed Ben’s price. “What about the price of a 3.75kg swap?’, we asked. “$24.00” came the answer. That is up $4.00, or a whopping increase of 20%.
To check if this increase applies to all Coles Express Servos, would our 5,000+ loyal Facebook “Deluxe Members” check those two ‘SWAP'(*) prices at their local Coles Express servos …. just COLES EXPRESS in this instance. Not Bunnings, not Woolworths, not Caltex Star … just COLES EXPRESS, please.
And please … be nice to the attendants … don’t abuse them. Prices are set by the gas supplier … not the servos.
(*) NOTE: We appreciate your help with this, but your Facebook post will be deleted if you use the gas suppliers’ name or the trade name they use for their swaps.
Limit your post to 25 words and you will be in the running for a nice prize at the end of this month.




Coles Express Cheaper

11/11/17 – Carole Compton writes:

“Love the gas refill site. Have used it and has saved us lots of anguish and driving around to find gas Good on you – great job”