Caltex Woolworths Swap Gas Bottle Prices Are Currently As follows:

Today’s price for an 8.5 kg Caltex Woolworths swap gas bottle is $25.00

Today’s price for 3.75 kg Caltex Woolworths swap gas bottle is $22.00

The above prices apply to 500+ “Caltex Woolworths” brand service stations only (not “Caltex Star Mart” or “Caltex Starshop” fuel outlets). Please advise us if you find a “Caltex Woolworths” service station charging more or less.  A picture of the sales docket taken with your phone is a must. Send to

For all 500+ Caltex Woolworths locations    Click Here

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(Pictured is the new Caltex Woolworths service station on corner of Shorehaven Bvd and Pacific Prom, Shorehaven, WA)


Remember, just like Bunnings stores and Coles Express service stations, most Caltex Woolworths sell only swap gas bottles.

Under normal circumstances, they do not refill bottles.

BUT … bear this in mind …

you may effectively reduce the prices quoted above with a Woolworths Rewards Card.

Normally, the Rewards Card qualifies you for a discount of 4 cents per litre on fuel purchases.

However, if, while buying fuel, you spend $5.00 or more on items in most Caltex Woolworths shops, you may earn an additional 4 cents per litre discount. Those items do include Caltex Woolworths swap gas bottles.

If like many subscribers to this website, you often fill a 100-litre fuel tank, that could effectively save you $4.00 on your fuel plus $4.00 on your Caltex Woolworths swap gas bottle.

Be aware that not all Caltex Woolworths service stations in Australia have the same price structure. Most do, but in more isolated areas, extra freight costs may cause price variations. We ask you to report these to us, so we can pinpoint them in our database. To report   Click Here.

Our advice is to ring first and check, especially if you have to drive any distance to swap your bottle.

Bear this final point in mind … make sure the Caltex Woolworths swap gas bottle you receive is less than ten years old. Then you can always take it to a REFILL outlet if you wish and have it filled there. With metal gas bottles, there is no such thing as a SWAP ONLY bottle.


“Thanks, Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com … I can’t believe I have been paying $36 and thought that price was much the same everywhere.  Then, from your website, I find out that just down the road I can get it for under $20! Won’t be making that mistake again::-)