As at 06/09/17, Caltex Woolworths own website advertised swap gas prices as follows:

An 8.5 kg swap gas bottle is, (supposedly), $25.00

A 3.75 kg swap gas bottle is, (supposedly), $22.00

According to Caltex Woolworths own website, the above prices apply at 500+ “Caltex Woolworths” branded service stations. However, numerous recent complaints being emailed to Gas Bottle Refills Dot Com would suggest there is a great deal of confusion as to which Caltex Woolworths service stations these prices do actually apply. It seems customers are being charged $27.00 & $24.00.

Two facts are absolutely clear … those prices do not apply to “Caltex Star Mart” or “Caltex Starshop” branded fuel outlets. At those outlets, prices are hugely higher.

For some time we have been inviting our readers to advise us if they find a “Caltex Woolworths” service station charging more than the above prices. We said a picture of the sales docket taken with your phone is a must.

Well, here is what “Anthony F” sent us on Sat Sept 2, 2017. This docket clearly shows that service station was trading as “Caltex Woolworths Aberfoyle Park”.

But note … the price is not $25.00 but $39.95! That’s a 59.8% increase.

As a gesture of goodwill, a smart organisation would refund the $14.95.  However, we have to say we feel “Anthony P” is on fairly shaky ground here.   When we searched for “Caltex Woolworths, Aberfoyle Park, SA” in Google Maps, a panorama appeared showing the service station in question. It soon became obvious from the picture taken in March this year the branding on the station was definitely “Caltex Star Mart”

Our advice is to ALWAYS ask the price before handing your gas bottle to an attendant for refilling or swapping.  If driving any distance to refill or swap, always ring the seller first.  It is very frustrating to find the seller is a) out of gas, or b) our price is out of date. Remember, all the data appearing in our database is provided by volunteers. We check the details by phone and show the check date and informants name. However, We cannot be held responsible if the prices increase after the check date 

Also, bear this final point in mind … make sure the swap gas bottle you receive is less than ten years old.  Then you can always take it to a REFILL outlet if you wish and have it refilled there. With metal gas bottles, there is no such thing as a SWAP ONLY bottle.

30/07/17 – Eva-Maria Lietzow-Chinn writes:

Thank you GBR for your site.  So easy to navigate and it certainly gives me the very best prices for local refills.  I am very happy I found you.  🙂